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      For those who posted feature requests / bug reports, I must say that we are paying attention to those threads. Keep in mind though, that our primary focus is on bug fixes, with stability and reliability in mind.
   For those accessing the CVS tree, we're not commiting changes until we have it stable. Bear in mind that progress in this project is made slowly, and it's quite possible to go about for a month with no changes being commited to the code.
   We are thankful for the level of support people have shown us, it's quite conforting to know that all those hours staring at assembly code are worth it. :)

- Kell_pt, 15 November 2003

   In the features thread, Furioz mentioned another Sphere modification (also in the form of a DLL), developed by DarkStorm. I invited him to join us in this project, but due to time limitations, he declined. However, he decided to donate his code to this project. It will be added to the CVS tree as another module sometime the next weekend, and slowly merged into the main DLL. Many thanks. :)

- Kell_pt, 13 November 2003

   Hi. We have just recently started this project on SF, and are in the process of creating the main webpage. In the meantime, you can access the project at
   Also check the Documentation link to the left for the latest stuff.

- Kell_pt, 10 November 2003